Days 1-2 | Singapore, here we come (fingers crossed)

Days 1-2 | Singapore, here we come (fingers crossed)

On Saturday past midnight [Day -1] of our 106 day trip, Maurice and I got quite a scare when TripIt sent us the disheartening note that our NYC to Guangzhou flight for 10:40am Sunday morning was CANCELED.

TripIt Pro alert: Cancellation for CZ 300 (JFK to CAN)

CZ 300 (JFK to CAN) has been CANCELED.
This flight was expected to depart at 10:40am EST.

Connecting flight CZ 351 (CAN to SIN) is currently ON TIME, departing at 6:20pm CST.

A number of fruitless calls to China Southern Airlines (US office in LA was closed) and Travelocity (unaware of what’s going on) and worry later, we ended up on our flight without any issue.

Weird sidenote that TripIt gets their data from FlightStats (as does Google) so all 3 sources told us our flight was canceled with no explanation. However, other sites such as FlightAware, FlightMapper, and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo as well as China Southern Airlines’ own website listed our flight as scheduled (as normal).

We endured 26 hours door-to-door of flights, layover in Guangzhou and taxis to and from the airports. Both running on less than 3 hours of sleep since we were rushing to finish final packing and cleaning of my apartment before we left it for my tenant.

Here’s us with our bags in front of my apartment building for the last time Sunday morning. Check out our super-chic multi-seasonal travel outfits.

Leaving our NYC apartment

Leaving JFK airport. Goodbye snow!

Goodbye NYC winter

Oh wait, now there’s even more snow since we are flying over… the Arctic Circle!

See any polar bears?

Our route confirms it. Going through the US, Canada, Greenland, Russia, Mongolia then through China.

Flight Map courtesy of China Southern's backseat TVs

One more flight pic, here’s the sun rising over central Siberia.

Sunrise over Siberia

Our bags and connecting tickets lounging around in Guangzhou’s Baiyun Airport. So hungry and tired but no rest till Singapore.

Even our bags look tired

It’s almost midnight and we finally made it to Singapore’s Changi Airport and into our colorful guest room at the Wanderlust Hotel, a boutique design hotel in the Little India neighborhood. These are the Pantone-themed rooms.

Our compact, colorful room

Cute that each guest room is named after a song. Ours is named after Orange Crush by REM.

Orange is the new black

Tomorrow we’ll post an update of Day 3, our first full day in Singapore! Also, check out our Swarm widget on the sidebar to get realtime updates of where we are!