Day 17 | Living like rock stars at the Renaissance Ko Samui

It was hard getting up this morning! We slept so well in the king size bed, with the A/C set to the perfect temperature and protected from mosquitos. We still managed to leave the villa before 9am and went to the Banana Leaf hotel restaurant for buffet breakfast. The restaurant has a nice view of the ocean and we picked a table outside since it wasn’t too hot yet.

Ocean view from the Banana Leaf restaurant

The food itself was wonderful: top quality and plenty of choices. This time, we were careful not to eat too much so that we would not ruin part of the day DYING on the bed (lesson learned). This is plate number one for me. Maurice will post more breakfast pictures tomorrow.

First breakfast plate

The service here is absolutely amazing, even Le Meridien pales in comparison. That extra star really does make a difference. Next to the fresh fruit stand, a sign invites patrons to request custom made fruit/veggie juices with the ingredients of their choice. Another sign informs customers that they can order slices of mango or a fresh coconut. Maurice and I both love tropical fruits so we took advantage of these perks. Getting breakfast this morning further confirmed the feeling we got at dinner yesterday: there is definitely more of a boutique feel to this hotel since there are only 78 guest rooms. The clientele seems upscale too.

Once we were done with breakfast, we decided to take some more pictures of our fabulous private villa since we came too late to have day light yesterday (but be sure to check out yesterday’s (updated) post for the belated room discovery video). So here is a quick tour of villa 115 in pictures and a video.

You first need to be polite and ask Maurice to invite you inside. This is the entrance gate to the villa.

Entrance gate to our private villa

OK now he seems happy enough, let’s go in.

Entering villa 115 at the Renaissance Ko Samui

This is our pool with sun loungers. The pool also has underwater lights to be able to swim at night.

Our private pool and sun loungers

Here is us posing for our yolomimo fans. Note all the plants and trees surrounding us. Beautiful.

Relaxing time in our villa

Next is a view of the building’s entrance with a small dining table which we did not end up using.

Terrace with small dining table

Stepping inside, we have the combined living and sleeping space with a wide couch and the aforementioned canopy king size bed. It may not be obvious from these pictures but the ceilings are super tall.

Main room with canopy bed

View of the main room from a different angle.

Living room space from the bed

This is the view from the South-facing windows. While there is another layer of villas similar to ours in front of us, it allowed for more privacy and quiet (the next villas also face the hotel’s swimming pool).

View from our room

Next we have the very large sunken tub. See how tiny I am in it?

Oversized sunken bathtub

Here is the long bathroom with double sinks and a window that looks over the patio.

Bathroom with double sinks

Hope you liked the pictures. Here’s a day tour video of the villa as well (since the one in yesterday’s blog post was taken at night).

We explored the hotel grounds, before going to the beach. The hotel has a Olympic size swimming pool which we did not use.

Olympic size swimming pool

There is also a library, which we did use the next day.

Library of the Renaissance

Me acting silly. Abbey Road. Get it?

Abbey Road by Mimi

The hotel is very well taken care of. Here is a view from the stairs that lead to the main swimming pool and beach area.

View over the swimming pool and beach

The beach itself is very nice. We still preferred the beach in Phuket but this comes as a close second.

Beach in front of the Renaissance

We stayed in the water for less than two hours as the sun was getting stronger. The water was warm but we kept stepping on calcified corals, rocks, sea slugs or sea cucumbers. Here’s another beautiful picture of the resort taken with the underwater camera.

View of the Renaissance from the water

We decided to go back to our villa for a little bit. Took another shot of the swimming pool on our way. It’s beautifully designed. I particularly love the tree in the middle, surrounded by water. There were very few people swimming in the pool at the time.

Swimming pool by day

We chilled at the villa until about 6pm, mostly playing on the terrace and relaxing in our lounge chairs. After that we tried the main swimming pool. I asked Maurice to pose like one of the statues. Leave a comment to let me know what you think of his performance!

Maurice mimic a statue

Here’s a last shot of the beautiful swimming pool at night.

Swimming pool by night

We didn’t do much else that night, just more chilling at the villa! We skipped dinner as well since we were still running on our breakfast.

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