Day 18 | Last day of island hopping, next stop: Bangkok

Today was our last beach day in Thailand. We woke up earlier than yesterday so we could enjoy our private swimming pool before checking out by noon. Before 7am we were already at the Banana Leaf restaurant for another delicious breakfast buffet. We were among the first guests to arrive but all the stands were ready.

Breakfast stands at Banana Leaf

I did not come close to my legendary eleven food plates at Le Meridien — OK now I can finally admit it, I was bragging in front of Mimi, pretending my stomach is an endless black hole — but I did eat a fair amount nonetheless. My favorite was passionfruits, which Mimi found too bitter. She preferred papaya though she had to eat it while doing the anti-mosquito dance to limit the number of bites on her arm.

Went back to our villa and enjoyed our private pool and patio for a few more hours before packing up. I am going to miss that place! I usually think of room upgrades as a scam for hotels to sell you additional amenities or services you really don’t need but in this case it was very much a different experience. It’s especially nice to relax in such a place after staying at more basic hotels several nights in a row and I think we will be more inclined to look for similar opportunities in the next countries on our list.

At noon we were out of the villa and proceeded with the checkout. We went to the beach, played in the water and then showered and dried as the sun was getting stronger. We had a couple more hours to kill before our taxi to Ko Samui airport.

We decided to check out the library. Most books inside seem to be books left there by previous guests of the resort, judging by the disproportionate number of titles in Nordic languages. I spent time doing some more research for hotels and activities in Myanmar, our next country after Thailand. Booked one domestic flight with Air KBZ and a hotel for our two nights stay in Inle Lake. Mimi worked hard on the next yolomimo blog post, desperately trying to catch up as the number of belated posts keeps increasing.

Booking hotels and flights in Myanmar

Yolomimo blog writing

It was time to meet our cab driver. About 40 minutes later, we arrived at Ko Samui International Airport, our second time transiting through it. As mentioned in the previous blog post, this airport is super cute and very green. It reminds me more of an amusement park than an airport, let alone an international one (truth behold it only serves international flights to a handful of neighboring countries, but still).

The domestic terminal is exclusively owned by Bangkok Airways (which I later learned also built the airport so that may explain things) and passengers can enjoy complimentary beverages, light snacks as well as WiFi access throughout the terminal. We have been quite impressed with the Asian airlines so far, they offer excellent services and their staff is super attentive to their customers requests.

Our flight was on time and we boarded the plane directly from the tarmac. I am a bit of an airplane nerd so don’t be surprised if the next video is super boring, I still want a trace of it here!

For some reason our flight was filled 90% with Israelis. I knew Thailand was a popular destination among young Israelis but it was unexpected and funny to hear so many people speak in Hebrew around us. The flight itself was short but we still got a dinner meal served. No vegetarian option was available for Mimi so she had to eat chicken. Other than sitting just in front of the loudest crying baby ever, it was also uneventful. We landed in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport around 8:30pm. Coming from Ko Samui, it was a bit of a shock to arrive at such a busy airport which actually has more than one conveyor belt! The airport has a very modern look, much nicer than our three airports back in New York.

We got an early taste of Bangkok crazy driving with our cab driver refusing to stick to a single lane. His English was really poor and he was definitely on the older side, so it was also a big struggle to have him understand where our hotel was located. After Mimi told him our hotel name (“Loog Choob”), he made fun of her Thai pronunciation for several minutes. Perhaps there was something really funny in the way she said it that would only work in Thai, but to us it just seemed like an old guy being perhaps too senile to still work as a cab driver. He also stopped the car at the beginning of a freeway merging lane so he could look at the map on my cellphone. Eventually he called someone and had that person give him instructions on the phone. What a nightmare but we finally made it to the Loog Choob Homestay.

This small boutique hotel is a family run guesthouse beautifully designed and renovated. The owners have very good English and are super friendly. They gave us a map of the neighborhood as well as a binder full of useful documentation including a top 10 of Bangkok scams! There are only five rooms in the entire hotel and we got one on the fourth floor.

We unpacked and went to sleep right away. Tomorrow will be a long day, with our friends Amandine and Laurent meeting us in Bangkok for two busy days of nonstop city sightseeing together. It’s going to be epic!

3 thoughts on “Day 18 | Last day of island hopping, next stop: Bangkok

  • March 2, 2016 at 5:52 pm

    What a beautiful colorful breakfast.!! Learning from experience,you would better try to avoid a senile cab driver in the future.

  • March 2, 2016 at 6:35 pm

    The anti-mosquito dance is funny!

  • March 3, 2016 at 2:15 am

    Ko Samui International Airport looks so nice! It makes air traveling as joyful as walking in a park.


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